At Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Manitowoc, we strive every day to continue being one of the leading Chrysler dealerships in the Sheboygan area. In pursuit of our goal, we’re always sharing our diverse range of automotive knowledge, and knowing how modern safety features protect you from common road hazards can be quite valuable.

Driving is certainly fulfilling, however, it can also be dangerous. The road is unpredictable and comes with hazards that can be avoided with a wide range of modern safety features. One common road hazard is poor weather. Rain, snow, and ice can all pose to throw off your tires’ traction. Fortunately, through features like AWD you can enjoy better handling and superior peace of mind from behind the wheel.

Another common road hazard is bikers and pedestrians. While bike lanes and sidewalks exist, accidents can happen, and they can put both drivers and the victim in danger. Fortunately, through automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, your car can grab control of your brakes when you threaten to hit a pedestrian or biker crossing in front of you.

The last and potentially most dangerous hazard on the road is other drivers. There is no telling what other drivers might do on the road, but through features like blind-spot detection and adaptive cruise control you can enjoy a second pair of eyes on the road.

No matter if you’re shopping for a new RAM truck or want a Chrysler van packed with the latest safety features, our team at Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Manitowoc are here to fulfill your every automotive need. Road hazards can pose a risk, but with our help, you can know what to do to potentially avoid them completely.